Assault Cube Trainer

I recently wanted to explore the world of game hacking, which involves some cool reverse engineering tricks. This is a trainer written in C++.
Simply uses WriteProcessMemory to write the values into memory of the game.

Download game:

Download trainer:


A Simple Web Crawler

This is very simple web crawler I coded for fun. It uses a breadth first search algorithm in crawling urls.
– This tool might be useful in finding subdomains


Freeze a Computer Using Ruby

When performing illogical ranges in Ruby and converting it to an array it uses 100% memory, disk and CPU which will freeze your computer. I have tested this issue on a Windows 10 64-bit machine. In a 64-bit Ubuntu machine after sometime the process will get killed when the process is out of memory. These types of issues can be caused in most languages, in which it tries to allocate more and more memory. This is a simple example I found in Ruby.

Ruby version:

ruby 2.3.1p112 (2016-04-26 revision 54768) [x64-mingw32]




Fun with SQLite Load_Extension

What is load_extension?

This interface loads an SQLite extension library from the named file.

int sqlite3_load_extension(
sqlite3 *db, /* Load the extension into this database connection */
const char *zFile, /* Name of the shared library containing extension */
const char *zProc, /* Entry point. Derived from zFile if 0 */
char **pzErrMsg /* Put error message here if not 0 */

More information:
You can use this function to load a SQLite extension. However by default sqlite3_enable_load_extension() is turned off by default to prevent this in SQL injection attacks. You can read more from here
The syntax would be

select load_extension(‘path\dll’, ‘EP’);

However this path, const char *zFile can be a SMB share too.