Egg Hunting Fun

In this vacation I thought of learning to use egg hunters in exploit development. This is just a small write up just after successful exploitation of my meterpreter reverse_tcp shellcode. This is the original exploit which was published in 2010 I wanted to implement a egg hunter code to search our shellcode with our tag throughout the heap, stack, etc. Egg hunters are used when we have a limited buffer space.

Download the vulnerable Kalbri server:

I assume you have a good knowledge on developing stack based buffer overflow exploits, about registers, little-endianness,etc which is the very basics.

I developed this exploit under Windows XP SP2 using the USER32.dll which is a operating system dll to find a jump to esp (JMP ESP) command. This application doesn’t use any dlls so this is a platform dependent exploit.

As I mentioned earlier this is very brief  write up.  The offset is at 515 bytes . Our plan is to overwrite the EIP register with our JMP ESP address and we want jump back 60 bytes backwards to the starting point of our hunter so that it would be executed. Then it would search everywhere inside the memory to find the tag and execute our shellcode. Opcode for jmp is EB and 60 bytes back means -60 is C4 so the shellcode would be \xeb\xc4.