My Journey into eWPT

Last year I thought of getting certified in the field of web application security since I haven’t done any certifications before. I researched about the current certifications in the market and found out most of them are just answering few MCQs and getting certified, but unfortunately those are highly accepted by different organizations. But when it comes to the info sec industry there’s a bunch of good certifications I had in mind to complete someday. So considering my budget, time and resources I thought of taking eLearnSecurity’s eWPT certification. This certification is highly hands-on and a fully practical penetration test based exam. When it comes to the industry it’s hard to prove we know something, so I think I did a better choice in taking a certification in the field which I have experience since small age. Apart from that before I loose my teens I wanted to get certified 😉

My experience in the exam was awesome! The exam is a 7 day pentest. My advice would be don’t start hunting for vulnerabilities as soon as you get the host. Follow the steps one by one. Note down each finding. Make sure you get screenshots. Everything is covered in the eWAPT syllabus, nothing out of the syllabus is given.

I would be Thankful to the following people:

GiRa – Thanks a lot for answering all my questions and helping me out throughout the course !

Francesco – Thanks to you too for helping me in technical problems!

Thanks to Giuseppe Trotta for assessing my report 🙂

Thanks to Armando Romeo for eLearnSecurity 😉

Finally thanks to all the forum members for your support given to me 🙂


Keep on learning !

7 thoughts on “My Journey into eWPT

  1. Hello Osanda, thanks for your review. How long did take to finish the course + labs, so, to get prepared for the exam? Thanks!

      • Thanks for your answer! Well, that would be great, but I’ve got a full time job in “real life”, so I guess that I would also need 2 months or so. Let me ask one more question. What do you think about the OSCE certification? Do you have any plans to take it? Cheers!

  2. Hey, great job on the course, I don’t want to spoil anything, could you private message me to answer a question I have on the exam i’d really appreciate any advice: Thanks!

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