IP Obfuscator

A simple tool to convert the IP to different obfuscated forms written in C by me ๐Ÿ™‚ I just wrote this for fun. You may use this when it comes bypassing application filters and much more ๐Ÿ™‚

IP address of http://google.lk :
Other forms you can write the same IP:

[+] http://3735397211

[+] http://0xDE.0xA5.0xA3.0x5B
[+] http://0336.0245.0243.0133
[+] http://0x00000000DE.0x00000000A5.0x00000000A3.0x000000005B
[+] http://0000000336.0000000245.0000000243.0000000133

[+] http://0xDE.0xA5.0xA3.91
[+] http://0xDE.0xA5.163.91
[+] http://0xDE.165.163.91

[+] http://0336.0245.0243.91
[+] http://0336.0245.163.91
[+] http://0336.165.163.91

[+] http://0xDE.0xA5.41819
[+] http://0336.0245.41819
[+] http://0xDE.0245.41819
[+] http://0xDE.10855259
[+] http://0336.10855259
[+] http://0xDE.0xA5.0243.0133
[+] http://0xDE.0245.0243.0133
[+] http://0xDE.0245.41819

Source: https://github.com/OsandaMalith/IPObfuscator/releases
Binary: https://github.com/OsandaMalith/IPObfuscator/releases

5 thoughts on “IP Obfuscator

      • therefore, will be change every byte within shellcode which is mean “polymorphism” ! Hehe..


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