Patching Windows Media Player

I’m writing this post on the request of @rudr4_sarkar. This is a very simple patch in which you can open multiple instances of wmplayer. It basically uses the ‘CreateMutexW’ API to create a mutex object with the string “Local\Microsoft_WMP_70_CheckForOtherInstanceMutex”.


The pseudo code would be something like this

HANDLE hMutex = CreateMutex(NULL, FALSE, L"Local\Microsoft_WMP_70_CheckForOtherInstanceMutex");
if (GetLastError() == ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS) {


You just need to patch the ‘JNZ’ to a ‘JMP’ instruction, that will always jump to the good boy ๐Ÿ™‚


You can also do this on runtime by killing the Mutant handle using Process Explorer.


Here’s a small patch which I wrote for fun in C++ fully using the win32 API. I have included 2 versions. The first version works with both Windows 7 and 8, while the the other works with Windows 10.



After patching you should be able to open as many as windows you like and enjoy music and other tasks ๐Ÿ™‚

This is strictly written for educational purposes. The author doesn’t take any responsibility for your actions.


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