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With the competitiveness of the infosec industry, security training is definitely needed. Let me share my story. Back in 2013 I heard about eLearnSecurity. Those days the only courses was Penetration Testing Professional and Penetration Testing Student. But I didn’t have enough money to sign up since I was 16 years old. With the pocket money I had, I signed up for the Penetration Testing Student course since I was curious about the material. I was amazed by their teaching techniques. Everything was so clearly written. After that I had to enter university and I had no time to concentrate on the things I like to do. Gradually eLearnSecurity started developing specialized courses starting from Web Application Penetration Testing and next came the Extreme edition of this. Meanwhile, they launched a course on reverse engineering too which I was really surprised to see that course since it was the first ever course I saw on reverse engineering.

In 2015 I completed my first certificate which was eWPT and then again had to spend time in university studies. In 2016 I completed 3 in a row, 2016 October – eCPPT, November – eCRE, December – eWPTX. By 2017 I got my first job as a security consultant in the UK. All the courses I did helped me a lot in my career. Currently, I’m getting prepared for eWDP, and yes with work I can’t do it in a month like I did before 🙂

I can’t explain the things I learned in words. It’s so much I learned. Especially the way they teach is very beautiful. You will get very detailed PDFs along with detailed videos. You can also view the content in flash and HTML5. By doing these courses I was able to learn many things and expand my knowledge. These aided me a lot in my personal security research.
I did all of these courses with no prior work experiences or anything. The exams are very challenging. Especially in the ARES course and the WAPTX course. You should definitely try the challenges, you won’t regret 😉

You can view my certificates in the following links. I’ve written a quite a long write-up for the ARES course.

Thanks to Armando Romeo for starting eLearnSecurity.
Big thanks to Ilaria Mori for always helping me with my support questions 🙂

I wish you best of luck in your journey 🙂

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  1. Bro, can you explain this in details? I mean some helpful details for who interest to follow that program. Any places in srilanka to follow that ? BTW Proud of you as a srilankan. great achievement.

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